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Founded by Garrett B. Gunderson, Ripwater gives you world-class educational content and resources to scale your business.


Our mission is to liberate 1 million people from financial bondage and give them the content, resources, and human capital necessary to achieve financial independence.


If you resonate with the mission, let’s work together.

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We are a catalyst to liberate 1 million people from the shackles of financial bondage
We help people avoid the traps of scarcity and risk-based strategies in personal finance.
Our licensed partners are able to leverage our world-class content and expert speakers to position themselves as experts and grow their businesses.

How We Support You

We offer education, tools, systems, mentoring, and accountability structures to businesses that help people thrive financially.

We integrate cash flow strategies that find money through efficiency, accelerate independence, and boost financial control and confidence.

By becoming a licensed partner with us, you gain access to our videos, webinars, written publications, books, workshops, and retreats. In a licensed partnership agreement with us, we do not take a stake in your business, but ARE tied to your results. In other words, we make money by making you more money.

Financial professionals look to us for guidance and content to educate and empower their clients in a one-to-many format. Our systems and tools expand their reach, save them time through automation and leverage, and solidify their brand and market positioning.

Business coaches, financial planners, and consultants utilize our content and systems to help their clients scale, develop leadership, and choose the appropriate strategic initiatives for sustained growth.

Garrett B. Gunderson

Financial Advocate & Bestselling Author


Garrett is an entrepreneur who started his first business at age fifteen. He was a multimillionaire by age twenty-six.

He is the author of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Businessweek, and Amazon bestseller, Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths that are Destroying Your Prosperity and the founder of Wealth Factory, an Inc. 500 firm.

Hire Garrett to Speak or Consult

Garrett has limited availability for keynote speeches and workshops.

He also owns firms that provide business and financial consulting to entrepreneurs looking to:

  • Keep more of what they earn.
  • Increase their business cash flow.
  • Maximize their personal income.
  • Reduce their risk.
  • Scale their business while working less.
  • Grow their liquid cash reserves and leverage them into the right opportunities.
  • Create a lasting legacy.

Garrett has a limited number of one-on-one immersions per year, and a rigorous application process is required. Garrett is looking for people who want to:

  • Develop a profound message to lead an industry.
  • Become a thought leader and write books and/or develop programs to expand their reach and impact.
  • Move from B-to-C (business-to-consumer) and add B-to-B (business-to-business).
  • Access a stellar network of relationships and ideas to have a game-changing impact to fulfill a big vision.

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