About RipWater

RipWater is a catalyst to liberate one million people from the shackles of financial bondage. By working with financial advisors, RipWater gives people the content, resources, and human capital necessary to achieve economic independence.

What We Do

Economic independence is defined as having enough recurring revenue and/or entrepreneurial income to cover basic monthly expenses. Our objective is to provide financial advisors with extra tools and resources so that they can help improve their clients’ cash flow as well as their own.  

RipWater works with licensees to promote economic independence by mentoring advisors and providing the resources they need to fill in the gaps: education, systems, tools, and accountability structures.

RipWater is not a name to be known by the public. It is here to influence the influencers. It is designed to be a leader for financial advisors, insurance agents, and those who resonate with our values and mission by supporting and encouraging advisors to build their own brand. RipWater supplies them with tools and educational resources to increase their reach, positioning and impact.  

RipWater emphasizes how to improve cash flow and other areas of their financial house that are disorganized and overwhelming. We guide them away from the traps of a scarcity mindset and find ways for people to keep more of what they earn. This results in more money to allocate toward investments and strategies with their current financial team. 

Our emphasis consists of cash flow strategies that immediately add cash to the bottom line, lower their risks, and focus on organizing their financial house.

Our licensed partners are able to leverage our world-class content and expert speakers to position themselves as experts and grow their businesses.

RipWater serves people in a one-to-many format so that financial professionals can focus on building value and empowering their clients. Professionals come to us for our systems and tools that create automation and reach while simultaneously building their market position and brand.  

RipWater plants the seed for implementation. Our team of expert speakers consists of innovative thought leaders, bestselling authors, and authorities who specialize in finance, business, legacy, and purpose. This allows clients the opportunity to choose from specific experts (i.e., outside organizations and licensees) who will deliver impactful content to them.

How We Help Our Licensees

If you are wondering how we can help you, consider a few of our licensees:

Wealth Factory specializes in a comprehensive personal financial education and implementation program for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is the premiere example of what is possible by partnering with RipWater.

Wealth Factory can serve its clients better by using RipWater’s content (through video, webinars, written publications, books, workshops, and retreats). We furnish educational content which advisors can use to teach their clients and make sales. A partnership is established when we provide the intellectual property, and they provide the sales, marketing, and business systems. Most of the content produced by RipWater for Wealth Factory is exclusive and customized by Wealth Factory.

Garda is an insurance company that is great at one-on-one interactions. Given that our specialty is a one-to-many education, they rely on us for educational content, workshops, education-based marketing, and market positioning. Most of what was created for Garda is non-exclusive; however, RipWater is currently partnering on a custom book with Garda Co-Founder Dale Clarke.  

5 Day Weekend is a book, brand, and company created by entrepreneur and investor Nik Halik. RipWater partnered with Nik to provide specific financial content for the book as well as supplied educational courses to monetize it.

Many advisors are looking to license and utilize the legacy resources established by RipWater: workshops, workbooks, and webinars.   

This is a pick-and-choose type of opportunity.  If you are already doing something we offer, keep doing it and utilize RipWater to enhance or make your brand more efficient.

Transforming The Financial Industry

RipWater fulfills its mission by connecting people to the critical resources to change their financial future and their family’s destiny.  

RipWater founder Garrett Gunderson believes that it’s time for the financial world to support and advance value for their customers by emphasizing collaboration over competition. This is accomplished first by self-discovery, then awareness, creation, and action.

Our mission is to create a massive reach with amazing positioning. Garrett was once asked by an attendee, “How often do you guys lose to other financial professionals?” The answer was “seldom, if ever.” If you research Garrett, you’ll see what he brings to the table: Forbes, New York Times bestsellers, CNBC, ABC and Fox interviews, a massive library of educational videos, and a wealth of case studies, advocates, and fans who offer social proof.

We provide financial advisors with a platform that can save time through leveraged learning with online educational systems, webinars, or systems that support marketing. Rather than searching for the differences in financial philosophies, RipWater collaborates with professionals who share our core values so their clients can focus on legacy and building a life they love.  The advisors benefit by not only having more money now, but also later as clients remain and continue to grow their businesses.

Financial planners and consultants love that we tackle areas of finance they may want handled for their clients, but don’t necessarily enjoy doing themselves. This adds value to the client and increases income simultaneously.

Plus, we emphasize simplicity, fun, and empowerment. Finance doesn’t have to be boring and complex. In other words, we want our clients to look at RipWater as being a turbo-charged supporter with good financial advisors who don’t take, but instead add value to clients’ brands. That way, clients still have all the anonymity, freedom, and control over what they’ve already built. 

RipWater hosts workshops for advisors as well. 

Integrity, Assets, Branding Value

The highest standard of integrity and honoring our word is our operating philosophy. Our state of mind permeates every aspect of our business with everything we attempt, everyone we hire, everyone with whom our content is licensed – essentially, everything we create.  

Our marketing systems are a substantial reason people utilize our services. Our books, video libraries, publications, webinars, and online platforms are systems that allow financial professionals to impact more people as well as more deeply impact current clients, leading to greater profitability, retention and personal focus.  

The “in-person” experience with our team is a key catalyst for connection and growth for our licensees and the clients they serve. It also creates additional branding value, since we appear in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and several other publications, podcasts, and across the globe.

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