Our Partners

Wealth Factory is a comprehensive personal financial education and implementation program for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Their mission is to help 1 million entrepreneurs create economic independence and live their legacy (talk about perfect alignment with RipWater). They are committed to helping entrepreneurs keep more of their money by increasing monthly cash flow without having to cut back, budget, take on more risk, or increase sales.

Wealth Factory partners with RipWater to serve their clients with our content, including videos, webinars, written publications, books, workshops, and retreats. We provide the educational content, and they use it to educate their clients and make sales. We provide the intellectual property, they provide the sales, marketing, and business systems.

Garda is an insurance company that focuses primarily on life insurance. They specialize in Cash Flow Banking through one-on-one interactions. They are fantastic at these one-on-one interactions, while RipWater is great with creating educational resources to better prepare and generate desire for these meetings with Garda.  

Garda partners with Ripwater for educational content, workshops, education-based marketing, and market positioning. We have also set up lead generation systems and marketing funnels for them using our content, including Garrett’s book, What Would the Rockefellers Do?.

RipWater also connected Garda with Wealth Factory to create marketing funnels, webinars, and other ways they could increase lead flow.

5 Day Weekend is a book, brand, and company created by entrepreneur and investor Nik Halik.

Nik partnered with us to use our financial content and strategies for his book. We provided multiple educational courses to monetize the book (both exclusive and non-exclusive), plus filmed promotional and educational videos with Nik. He sells the courses on his website and we split the profits.

Mountain Grabbers is a high-level business consulting firm founded by serial entrepreneur Rich Christiansen, who has taken seventeen companies to exit.

Rich partners with us for distribution of his content (three books) around ways to scale businesses and how to create a legacy. We’ve created video series with him, marketing funnels, a workshop, and added his content to our partners for further reach and monetization.  

Gildan Media is a publishing company that specializes in personal development. They publish written and audio content from both new and established authors, as well as innovative learning methods, to help people become more productive in all aspects of life.

Gildan has published and currently distributes a lot of content from RipWater, including the audio book for Killing Sacred Cows and a financial mastery course.