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Focus on Your Strengths, Simplify Your Life, Position Yourself as an Expert, Grow Your Business

What We Do

Our partnerships don’t take ownership of your business, but rather a stake in your results. We do this through licensing and leveraging our best abilities so you can do more of what you do best. In other words, we profit by making you more money.  

We partner with financial firms, coaches, and consultants who share our vision to help people achieve economic independence –  a massive part of supporting 1 million entrepreneurs in achieving economic independence.  

We provide educational content, marketing content and systems, speakers and trainers to help you:

  • Increase your sales
  • Expand your reach
  • Create automation in your business
  • Solidify your brand and market positioning
  • Help your business clients grow and scale
  • Develop leadership

If you’re ready to leverage our content, systems, and tools to grow your business, please read our brand manual then complete the application form below. We’ll respond within 72 hours.

RipWater allows you to take a peek at what some of our licensees do at Wealth Factory. For example Wealth Factory:

  • Hosts events at $6000.00 per attendee with a conversion rate of 82-100 percent after attendance (potential licensees can attend at no charge if accepted after an interview process).
  • Writes articles with people 
  • Assists in doing webinars 
  • Allows clients to plug into many of the existing systems
  • Offers books or even assists in co-authoring or helping you write your own book 
  • Shows a variety of pieces from which clients looking for specific things can choose

Interested in Partnering with RipWater? Request a call by completing the form below.